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Miner3D data visualization helps scientists at Berkeley Lab and RWTH Aachen to shed light on cosmic mysteries of Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos.
Miner3D is now compatible with the new Windows 10
Miner3D Version 8 was released! The new software comes with new redesigned user interface. The main theme is identical to Excel 2013 and so it provides an environment familiar to many of our users. The new software has also improved the core visualization engine, which delivers faster refresh rates. Your live Miner3D visualizations are then rendered with even higher graphics quality and delivers a faster and smoother experience. Miner3D is available in 3 levels of complexity, from Basic through Professional to Enterprise. It is reasonably priced and is also available as a free 30-day trial.
Miner3D assisted scientists at the University of New South Wales to push Quantum Computers Closer To Reality.
MOS is a Value-Added Miner3D Distributor for Korea region. Founded in 2003, MOS provides innovative data ware-housing and analysis solutions to various industries. MOS' service includes sales and technical consulting services to support MOS' customers in successfully delivering and deploying Miner3D data analysis platform.
2014-May-7/9 See us at the PASS Business Analytics 2014 conference in San Jose, CA (May 7 - 9, 2014)
2014-Mar-6 We appreciate your interest in SDK & Developer information and release it to general public to foster adoption of this revolutionary data visualization technology.
2014-Feb-7 Miner3D ONE is now available to general public. Enjoy!
2013-Dec-13 Miner3D launches a YouTube channel.
2013-Nov-4/5 Miner3D demonstrates Miner3D ONE technology at the Predictive Analytics World in Berlin, Germany.
2013-Oct-3 CIO Review recognizes Miner3D as one the Most Promising Big Data companies. Read more in the profile...
2013-Oct-2 Miner3D demonstrates Miner3D ONE technology at the Predictive Analytics World in Boston, MA.
2013-Apr-11 See us at the Big Data Innovation & Hadoop & Data Visualization Summit in San Francisco, CA.
2012-Sep Miner3D Release 7.4 is fully compatible with new Windows 8 and Office 2013.
2011-Sep-30 From now you can follow us also on Twitter!
2011-Sep-7 Honeywell selects Miner3D for sales performance analysis.
2011-Jun-26 Miner3D releases Version 7.3 with several remarkable new features.
2011-Mar-14 Miner3D shows new data visualization technologies and upcoming Miner3D products at Data Driven Business Week in San Francisco, CA.
2010-Oct-19 Miner3D at the Predictive Analytics World conference and exhibition in Washington DC.
2009-Feb-25 SQL Server Magazine publishes a review of Miner3D Enterprise 7.1. The top authority for Microsoft SQL database users finds Miner3D a good, inexpensive and powerfull BI solution, with ease of use, versatility and good ROI. SQL Server Magazine
2008-Oct-6 Miner3D demonstrates new products and technologies at the Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference taking place in Seattle, WA on October 6-8. We will be happy to welcome you at our booth #122! Microsoft BI Conference
2008-Sep-5 StatWorks Malaysia is a new distributor of Miner3D products and solutions in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.
2008-Sep-5 RaQualia Pharma selects Miner3D for its main data analysis platform. RaQualia Pharma Logo
2008-Aug-1 Miner3D powers data mining in a top-class ADMET software from Simulations Plus.
2008-Jun-26 Miner3D Enterprise 7.1 - Raising the Bar for Visual OLAP

Full support for Oracle OLAP and SQL Server Analytical Services makes lives of OLAP users and analysts much easier.
2008-Apr-14 COLLABORATE08 - the premier Oracle user conference and exhibition

Miner3D previews its new Visual OLAP technology at the Oracle Technology and Applications Forum in Denver, CO.
Oracle Logo
2008-Jan-24 Scientific Computing World Magazine publishes a review of Miner3D Release 7

One of the most respected source of information on scientific computing reviews our newest software version - Miner3D Release 7. Reviewed by Felix Grant, the article goes through almost the entire functionality of the new software.
Scientific Computing World
2007-Jun-7 Miner3D attends XLSTAT User Meeting in Paris, France
Miner3D Release 7 previewed and demonstrated concepts of the next user interface. An exciting meeting with our fellow partners and users in the great city!
2007-May-1 Miner3D distributor in Taiwan, R. O. C. is SimWeb Inc.
2006-Oct-5 Miner3D provides visual data analytics in Microsoft Azyxxi, the health intelligence software.

Miner3D provides technology for visual data analysis and visual data mining in the health intelligence software Microsoft Azyxxi. The health care information system is a real-time environment for collecting, storing and retrieval of all kinds of patient information providing an instant access to relevant data to physicians.

Azyxxi unifies the information acquired from hundreds of sources and keeps it all easily accessible at the point of care. The datastore totals more than 30 terabytes, while the accuracy of the information and the immediacy of the access to it already saves lives and also hospital’s resources.

Miner3D was integrated to Azyxxi to provide data visualizations and deliver visual data analyses to physicians upon request, which actually means just a couple of mouse clicks. It is also used as a biosurveillance tool and plays a central role in pattern recognitioning. Miner3D can also help to reveal and monitor unexpected threats like SARS outbreaks or Anthrax attacks.

Azyxxi has been developed by a team led by Dr. Craig Feied in collaboration with Medstar Health and Washington Hospital Center. Azyxxi has been recently acquired by Microsoft Corporation.
Azyxxi Logo
2006-Sep-25 Houston Rockets run their analytics in Miner3D.

Houston Rockets of NBA The Houston Rockets, a tradition-rich franchise of the NBA, is using Miner3D data visualization technology to track and analyze the performance of basketball players and teams. This information is available to various members of the Rockets front office.

"Miner3D's software helps us visualize large amounts of complex data in an easily-understood format. Now, we utilize the tools of Miner3D almost every day." - Houston Rockets.

Deployment of Miner3D in one of the leading USA sports organizations shows how the cutting edge technology creates valuable applications in new industry areas.
2006-Sep-13 Miner3D is now a Microsoft Certified Partner.
Microsoft recognizes technological excellence of Miner3D and its impact on customers and awards our team with a Certified Partnership. We are committed to success of Miner3D users and we look forward to a long and collaborative partnership with all Microsoft users.
2006-Aug-27 MDL Information Systems Inc., AKos Consulting and Solutions GmbH and Miner3D exhibit at the 1st European Chemistry Congress in Budapest, Hungary.
2006-Jul-12 Miner3D Release 6.1 with improved PCA vectors and PCA loadings. Now also available in the Japanese language.
2005-Oct-30 Miner3D has a new distributor in Japan! Mindware Inc. works with us to enhance the availability of Miner3D products and services to Japanese users.
2005-Apr-12 Miner3D Chemical Structures plugin, becomes available as an extension to Miner3D Release 5.1. Chemical Structures generates 2-dimensional molecule drawings, an enhancement sought by chemists and other researchers that frequently visualize chemical data.

Chemical Structures in Miner3D are tightly integrated with the core of the software, meaning users can deploy the chemical information more easily, more often and more creatively, than with competitive data-analysis products. Miner3D chemical structures are also right at a user's fingertips, either as part of Details-on-Demand information, as Textures stuck on objects surface or as Labels attached to data objects.

The Chemical Structures plugin is powered by OpenEye Scientific Software's OGHAM, a toolkit that generates 2D images of molecular structures. "We have found OGHAM extremely fast and reliable, and we were impressed at how seamlessly the chemical depiction libraries were integrated within Miner3D", said Dusan Toman, CEO of Miner3D Inc.

Miner3D Chemical Structures plugin is compatible with most modern cheminformatics solutions. In general it supports the following basic molecule sources: Database BLOBs, SMILES strings, MDL SDF tagged files, and numerous other molecular file formats.
Chemical Structures Plugin
2004-Jun-21 USA TODAY chooses Miner3D software for stock market data processing
USA TODAY - the newspaper No. 1 in the USA - uses Miner3D software in the process of financial graphics preparation. The key SectorWatch chart, previously hand crafted, is automated now when Standard & Poor’s data is processed by Miner3D data analysis software. Flexibility of Miner3D visualization allows the analysts to see various data contexts, set different views and create accurate and comprehensive time series animations. USA TODAY’s analysts now have the advantage of focusing on stock market’s finesses instead of routine work on charts preparation. The newspaper readers and subscribers of the weekly stock tracker pages are then served much better.
2004-Mar-29 Miner3D exhibits at the 227th American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting in Anaheim, California, USA.
2003-Nov-19 Miner3D attends the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining in Melbourne, Florida, USA.
2003-Oct-27 Miner3D visualization on the cover page of Chemical & Engineering News featuring an article on recent advances in key areas of combinatorial chemistry.
2003-Jun-12 Miner3D chosen for a project funded by NASA
Miner3D SITE, our technology for building advanced 3D Web applications, was chosen for project funded by NASA. Development of a next-generation distance-learning technology for teaching aerospace engineering concepts is the main goal of the project led by Old Dominion University experts. The other institutions involved in the project include the University of Florida at Gainesville, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, George Mason University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University and Syracuse University.
2002-Jul-23 Miner3D signs agreement with Addinsoft to make Miner3D visualization technology available to more than 10,000 XLSTAT users worldwide.
2002-Jun-16 Miner3D data analysis products were demonstrated at the 9th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry at Tatranska Lomnica/SLOVAKIA
2002-May-6 Miner3D EXCEL presented at the Intelligent Drug Discovery & Development in Philadelphia/USA
2002-Apr-23 3D Web Services and Applications based on Miner3D SITE technology were demonstrated at the Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations 2002 in Toulouse/FRANCE
2002-Apr-8 Miner3D EXCEL Release 3.0 was announced at the American Chemical Society national meeting in Orlando/USA
2001-Dec-20 Scientific Computing Magazine awards Miner3D and puts it on the list of the "Top 5 Products for Data Analysis"
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