Miner3D Solutions for Life Sciences
Scientific Data Analysis

Miner3D can be used in a broad range of tasks routinely performed in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical or clinical trials companies.

Chemists, biologists and other specialists access both chemical and biology data and intuitively explore information stored in SAR tables (structure-activity-relationships). HTS operations supported by Miner3D visual data analysis can be significantly improved. Lead discovery and optimization is enhanced by enabling scientists to understand development processes better and make better decisions.

Having access to relevant information early in the development phases can save significant resources. Failures identified early costs you less and a proper response can positively influence your new chemical entity or its behavior under various conditions.

Biologists and chemists can share the same data analytics platform and you’re your organization benefits from synergy effects on better collaboration and save on easier maintainable IT infrastructure.

Solutions for High Throughput Screening (HTS)

High throughput screening (HTS) processes can be supported by Miner3D visual data analysis in many aspects. These new and emerging technologies are widely used and generate large datasets on a daily basis. This information is both expensive and costly acquired and may also include extremely invaluable signals pointing to a new knowledge.

HTS data generated in screening runs can be Miner3D monitored and routinely evaluated in primary quality control data analysis. Identifying potential issues in instrumentation early may significantly reduce screening costs.

Finally, hit selection and potency screening evaluations can be performed using the same technology. Identifying unexpected trends and relations in confirmed results also may provide you with invaluable indices that may turn in discovery of new knowledge.

HTS groups that use Miner3D provide better results and higher quality data in faster production cycles.
Lead Optimization

Miner3D enables scientists to evaluate vast data resources with all available parameters included within a single interactive visual data analysis environment.

Benefiting on easy access to both the biology and chemistry information scientists are empowered to make better decisions and what also is important, make these decisions faster and earlier.

Miner3D displays the chemical properties information along with chemical structures by visualizing 2D molecule drawings within its data context with chemical or medicinal properties. Chemistry data are easily coming from sources built on Symyx, MDL, Accelrys, Simulations Plus or other technologies. This unique feature allows chemists to identify correlations in data and spot trends or patterns that otherwise would remain hidden.

Identification of new leads, evaluating screening, ADME and toxicity data can be now visually interlinked into a creative process involving all relevant specialists. Chemists and biologists working together on lead optimization using Miner3D visual environment, share and communicate their findings more creatively and more instantly, stimulating their intuition and expertise.
ADME and Toxicology

Miner3D data analysis of multivariate data in your compounds databases allows you to identify potential issues in early phases of the development cycle.

By including the biological, chemical and ADME data you can optimize drug design as well as drug’s synthesis paths and drug’s formulation.

Chemical properties data given into context with stability, metabolism and toxicity information observed from laboratory tests allows you to improve management of a new drug’s finalization.

Pharmacokinetics, absorption and toxicology groups teaming up with both specialists on design and synthesis as well as with specialists on clinical trials can be working on the same analyses within the visual environment of Miner3D. This collaboration may positively influence both ends of the drug design process and then, at the bottom line, save time to market and economize project’s planning, management and budget.
Clinical Trials

Miner3D presents the ideal platform for analysis of clinical trials data. The data visualization and analysis environment is intuitive enough to be used by a number of involved specialists, physicians, chemists and analysts.

Its data integration capability makes it the right choice for analyses of patient’s complex data, response rates, laboratory tests, adverse events, demographic or physical data. Analysts are enabled to quickly identify unknown trends or patterns in data, drill down for details, find incomplete records, evaluate information’s quality or significance and generally perform even complex data queries quickly and intuitively.

The unique ability to explore a number of multivariate responses, expressed and stored in all kinds of data, help drug makers evaluate drug’s safety and efficacy in early phases of the development. Clinical trials groups benefit on having the ability to explore complex information in a collaborative and flexible environment.
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